Student Testimonials

“Maggie holds great space as a dance instructor with her contagious enthusiasm which is both enlightening and healing at the same time.  You leave her class feeling like you’ve had both a physical and spiritual workout (and a lot of fun)!  I have been dancing with Maggie since 2009… a year of great change for me.  Learning new routines, dancing to amazing music, and feeling like part of a community was transformative for me.  Oh, and did I mention she is an artist, jeweler, musician, singer, and intuitive teacher!”
“Maggie’s classes are not about “dancing". They are sacred movement. They are healing. They are transformative. They are pure therapy for the body AND the soul.” 
“Dancing with Maggie is, for me, becoming one with the wind. I don't worry. I just let go. And this is usually so hard for me.I love her classes.”
“This is the first fitness program I’ve attended where I’m not watching the clock….and it ends before I want it to!”

Betsy Barrett