Blissfull Movement for Body Mind & Soul

Learn About Maggie Moore's Heart Dance

What is Heart Dance:

A blend of steps, stances and free form movements, Heart Dance inspires you to sweat and smile at the same time. Focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of your entire being, all movements are stimulated from your heart center. Balancing masculine moves such as kicks and punches with the feminine flowing movements, Heart Dance is a one of a kind whole body-mind workout. 


About the Creator:

Heart Dance is the brain child of creative dance teacher, Maggie Moore (formally Bokor). Maggie has created a unique movement experience that cobines 8 years of her Nia Brown Belt teaching experience and education, Master Reiki techniques and desire to help others feel beautiful in their bodies. When Maggie isn't dancing, you can find her working with clients to create confidence in their businesses at The Transparent Coach or making something beautiful to wear on the dance floor at Maggie Bokor Jewelry.

Open your heart and feel more You!